We are feeling immense pleasure that by the Grace of Allah this year we have been able to organize a much bigger and an impressive collective Animals Sacrifice (Qurbani) event at Eid-Al-Adha 2020 with the religious fervor, reverence, spirits and obligations, but, with the participation and generous contributions by our valued donors who made it this collective sacrifice ( Qurbani) Event 2020 at the HWA platform a grand success.

We are very happy to inform, that this time Alhamdulillah (by the Grace of Allah) we have offered (slaughtered) 17 Cows as the sacrifice (Qurbani) in way of Allah to please our Lord and seeking His Infinite Blessings by following the great tradition(Sunnah) of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. We distributed ample meat amongst 1700 to 1800 needy and deserving families; the widows, orphans, labors, workers, broken, neglected, downtrodden, haves & haves-not humble class of our community who are passing through the test and trial and badly facing the crunch in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic are taken care of and we served them the meat as well.

Whereas, the animals skins we have donated to the other well known social welfare organizations; Akhuwat as well as other Islamic madrassah as per the golden established Islamic traditions; we pray May Allah accept our this noble deed and Reward the donors manifold more in turn in the Day of Judgment when nobody except for whom Allah gives the right to speak for us ultimately the good deeds work and Allah Forgives and Gives the Heaven. (Ameen). The best deed ever Allah likes the service to the humanity.

We hope our respected donors will keep supporting and helping us in this noble cause by sending your kind and generous donations to surpass the previous record and organizing for a much more bigger a collective sacrifice/Qurbani event for the comings EID-UL-ADHA (Insha’Allah) and taking care of the welfare of needy and deserving people from our platform of Human Welfare Association in a conscience satisfying manner the most and full of religious spirits.

Expenses Detail
17 Cows        1,850,000.00
Transportation             30,000.00
Butcher Wages 17 Cows           170,000.00
Catering Expenses             15,000.00
Laboure take care animals & Eid days working wages             35,000.00
Food For cows             17,239.00
Entertainment (Qasai & Labour Meal, Tea for Two days etc)               9,540.00
Mask, Shopping Bags etc.             10,480.00
Misc. Items Purchased               7,600.00
Total   2,144,859.00