Every year, we organize the collective animal’s sacrifice (cows) at EID-UL-AZHA and we distribute the meat amongst these poor, needy, oppressed and underprivileged class of people in the society But, this year, we are planning to organize rather a big platform for massive collective sacrifice cows at a large scale as we want to give an ample and large quantity of the sacrificial cows’ meat to these poor families. Therefore, we are working sincerely at the HWA Platform for this noble cause. We are motivating well-to-do people to come forward and participate for the collective sacrifice (Qurbani) cows so that the meat in a large quantity to be distributed amongst these needy, deserving, destitute, downtrodden, who seldom eat meat or eat no meat in a year because of bad poverty and a hunger like situation because of their circumstances as an oppressed class of our society and who always have hope and desire for eating some meat on the occasion of animals sacrifice at EID-UL-ADHA.

We will follow the SOP for the animal sacrifice in letter and spirit as the instructions and guidelines of the government of Punjab.

We will welcome your queries if any and get back. Please get in touch with us at our Cell# 0321-9454746/0303-9905429.

Planning for animal sacrifice (Qurbani) Project

Total 1600 Tokens Given to Different People

Average Requirement of Meat ——– 3200 KG (17 Cows Approx.)

We will distribute the sacrificial Meat amongst poor, needy, destitute children & families related to our human welfare association projects:

Roshni Model High School, Free Dispensary, Asiatic workers, labors, contractors, etc. /HWA workers, poor patients & their families, as well as poor children & families at our Vocational center students, Widows (Bewa) Project, and as many as poor populous of the surroundings in Tajpura.

Here are some expense highlights:

The Expense Amount (PKR.)
17 Cows Approx. 1,725,000/- 
Butcher’s Labor 150,000/- 
Transportation 25,000/- 
Bags for distribution of meat, Masks & Sanitization Equipment 10,000/- 
Cattle Feed 10,000/- 
Total 1,920,000/

Our Generous Donors


Mr. Abdul Rahman Dawood USA
Mr. Majid Malik PAK
Mr. Haji Nisar PAK
Mr. Javed Bhatt USA
Mr. Pervaiz Raja USA
Mr. Soner USA
Mr. Imran Malik PAK
Mr. Maqsood Ahmad PAK
Mr. Hafiz Iftikhar-ul-Qamar PAK
Mr. Abbas  USA
Mr. Nadeem Malik PAK

SOP for Qurbani 2020

  1. Prepared All Token for School & Dispensary with Date and Time mentioned on Tokens.
  2. Tokens will be distributed to Students Families & Dispensary Regular Patients at Dispensary on 15th July to 23rd July 2020.
  3. During the distribution of Tokens, all staff wear PPE’s and maintain social distance according to COVID-19 SOP.
  4. One Person with one token will allow us to collect the meat with a given date and time.
  5. Any person will not be entered without Mask.
  6. Children will not be allowed to enter in the designated areas.
  7. PPE’s are mandatory for all Team Members during working.
  8. Work will start with the name of Almighty ALLAH after Eid Prayer.
  9. Butchers will also wear Mask. 
  10. In Every Thirty Minutes, the meat will be distributed to 50 Tokens without any rush of people.

Team Members

  1. Nabeel Ahmad
  2. Saqib Sattar
  3. Kabir Khan
  4. Ijaz Khan
  5. Ijaz Ali
  6. Zafar
  7. Zarina
  8. Sajida
  9. Riaz
  10. Fazeelat Bibi
  11. Nasreen






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