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Pakistan is a under-developed country where the public health sector is neglected and it lacks the potential and capacity to meet the requirement of public health services. There are scarce funds proportionate to a large populace. The private sector is a bounty, while the poor people cannot afford the fees and charges of the private hospitals …….. a dilemma; however, its’ a good concept by the donors indeed to come forward for opening up the free medical dispensary(s)/hospitals for the poor people to plug in the gap and deficiency of public health sector by providing them the free health services at their doorsteps. It’s a miracle!


In this perspective, imbued with the spirits to serve the humanity, in December 2004, Malik Nadeem Ahmad, a local philanthropist opened A FREE MEDICAL DISPENSARY under the emblem of HWA at Tajpura, Lahore, Pakistan.

The HUMAN WELFARE ASSOCIATION DISPENSARY is serving the humanity dedicated by providing the free medical services to the needy and deserving people and the humble class of the society, especially those who cannot afford the fee(s) of private physician(s) and pay for the test(s) or buy the medicines.

This free public dispensary operates under the supervision of qualified (MBBS) doctors (Two male and one female) and technicians. The HWA makes sure the availability of almost all type of medicines (especially life saving drugs) all the time in the dispensary.

This Free Dispensary attracts a lot of poor and the needy populaces of the surrounding areas, almost 200 – 300 patients come to this Dispensary daily. We provide free check ups,  medicines and free facility for following tests:


Free medical consultancy

Free Medication, Dressing, etc.


Free Blood Pressure Tests

Free Ultrasound Facility

Free Nebulizing Facility

Free Pathology Lab

The entire operations of our this Free Dispensary are totally computerized with regard to daily inflow of patients, issuance of free of cost medicines from within the Dispensary’s well maintained Medical Stores (where medicines and allied items are regularly procured on monthly basis from the open market) and this medicines stores are properly maintained under established “Requisition & Issue” producers, under authorization of the qualified physician.

Similarly, in order to keep the things going on smoothly, the bottleneck of “Electric Load Shedding” proper arrangements for electric generator and UPS stand-by are also there. Moreover, during the Holy month of Ramadan, at Iftar time the visiting patients are served with the milk, dates and some other food. While we distribute the sacrificial meat amongst the poor, needy and deserving people on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Adha. We also dole-out the meat bi-monthly to the poor, needy and deserving people.

For the purpose for full utilization of the benefits for the poor patients of the area, a total of 13 persons are employed; as well as two qualified (MBBS) Doctors, along with the Laboratory Technicians, security and other essential service staff. Dr. Riaz Ud Din, MBBS, Physician is serving this Dispensary voluntarily for more than 10 years extending his total services to the deserving patients.

We are also making the arrangements occasionally for organizing free medical camps at our dispensary and the needy and deserving people turn up is always exceeds beyond our expectations and capacity to manage the crowd of the people make to the free medical camp at this dispensary.

The COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC) has badly affected and disrupted this Dispensary. The most of existing donors have back-out of the commitment in this changed scenario. We do not have the funds to keep up the functioning of the Dispensary. The Dispensary is on the verge of closure due to this crisis.

We very sincerely appeal to the donors to come forward to support this noble cause. Please donate generously for the charity, HUMAN WELFARE ASSOCIATION DISPENSARY, Tajpura, Lahore Pakistan . You can serve the humanity better this way and poor needy and deserving people in getting them an uninterrupted medical health care and services.




1 PATIENT  ————————– US $10

5 PATIENTS  ———————— US $50

10 PATIENTS ———————– US $100

15 PATIENTS ———————– US $150

20 PATIENTS ———————– US $200

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