A nation is a group of people. The people are nurtured, cultured, enlightened and refined in the educational institutions. The school comes first and plays a most important and crucial role to develop a child. The better the school is the good the child will be. It is easy to say that the “Education  is for all” but this is not cheap. How can the poor people afford it? The poor children can hardly make to the school.

Most of the poor children are not sent to the school for socio-economic reasons and remain deprived of education because of poverty and accept it a fate. Mr. Nadeem Ahmad Malik associated with the handmade carpet business deeply sensed the dilemma that the poor weavers, labourers, workers can not send their children to the school because  they cannot afford. This made him think about how he could possibly support these people and they could sent their children to the school.

In 2004, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rauf (Late) from America, Prof. Dr. Saeed Ahmad Malik from U.K. and Mr. Nadeem Ahmad Malik while sitting in the house of Late Brig. Muhammad Akhtar decided to dedicate and make contribution to educate the younger generation. They idealize to refine the skills and talent of the young poor children to make them the professional and qualified people so that  they can shoulder the future responsibilities in building a prosperous nation capable of meeting the challenges of contemporary world. But the project needed the funds. Prof. Dr. A. Rauf (late) escorted us to the office of Mr. Nadeem Ahmad Malik, in the hope of getting some donations. Then a miracle happened, and Mr. Nadeem Malik donated the whole of the school. And from this humble start we, along with Mr. Nadeem Malik and Hafiz Iftikhar- ul -Qamar, took the first step on the path of success.

Today, Roshni Model High School caters for the academic needs of more than 1200 children who come from very poor families. There is no way that these children could ever dream of the quality education that we are providing.

We provide free books to students of all classes. We also provide free uniform and shoes to deserving/needy children and during winter months free eggs and milk. These children come from very poor families with no educational back ground. Quite a few of them come from the broken families. In spite of this our students have shown superb results in the Board examinations.

In just 6 years

we turned the place into a proper high school, accommodated with a library, a big courtyard, canteen, arts and crafts area. The teaching staff was re-hired with the criteria of having done their Honors degree so our teachers are well educated. The school teaches from 1st grade to 10th grade and the metriculation exams are conducted by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore . Now big classrooms stand where the verandas used to be, furnished with desks and chairs. The library is stacked with books, five large hall rooms are recently constructed and added to the existing school building. A computer lab has also been  built with help of  generous donations of some donors though it is still under process and requires improvement and augmentation.

The results of the 5 th , 8 th , 9 th and 10 th classes – The result of board  exams is nearly 100%. By 2019 the result of 10 th class was 100% and more than 50% earned A+ and A grades. No wonder Roshni Model High School is now the most renowned school in the area. But it has not happened by chance. It involves hard work, dedication and extreme transparency. Most of our staff members have master’s degree plus degrees in Education. Their constant supervision and academic training keeps them literary alert.


“Education is a matter of life and death to our nation” – Muhammad Ali Jinnah

The Roshni Model School for Girls is a charity but an ideal institution for the poor children who cannot afford the education at all. It is a dreamed High School in Tajpura, Lahore. Today it caters for the academic needs of more than 1200 children coming from very poor family background. We provide free education to these poor children. We provide free books to all children. We also provide free uniform and shoes to the deserving/needy children. Our students have shown excellent results in the Board exams. It reflects that quality education is being provided by the Roshni Model High School. Today, Roshni Model High School is one of the good schools in the area and an icon of quality education.

Otherwise, dispite of all efforts and all good ‘intentions, the education still remains a distant dream for the poor children.

The COVID-19 (CORONA-VIRUS PANDEMIC) has badly affected and disrupted this school. The most of existing donors have back-out of the commitment in the changed scenario for sever jolts and disruption caused to their resources by the pandemic. We do not have the funds to pay the teachers’ salaries and meet the other expenses to keep the school functioning. The school is on the verge of closure due to this crisis. The future of the poor children is at stake.

We very sincerely appeal to the donors to come forward to support this charity campaign for a noble cause to spread the education and provide free education to the poor children. Please donate generously for the charity, Roshni Public School, Shah Aalam Colony, Tajpura, Lahore. You can save the future of the poor children by your donations.


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