Empower and Educate!

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. It remains a mystery how some of us are chosen to be born privileged while some are born with a life time of struggle awaiting them.

Human Welfare Association Dispensary

We are providing basic health checkup services for local surroundings. Almost 200-300 patients daily attended by our two Doctors. We are providing medicines, ultrasound and some basic pathology lab test services free of cost.





January 25, 2022


Our projects are set up to make country a better place for those that need assistance whether financially or medically.

Students Educated

Patients Treated From 01st July 2019

Skilled Labor

Our Focus

Nation-building through education, health and skills!

Roshni Model High School

The most important thing is offering education as careers are built through this a lifestyle is formed later … we set the initiative for ROSHNI MODEL HIGH SCHOOL in 2005

Medical Centre

We built a medical Centre in the area which is completely free of cost and open for everyone that needs help! … Our doors always open for everyone!

Skill Centre

A separate skill employment centre is set up where women are taught basic skills that can help them earn money to support themselves and their family…


Here we post all the activities and happenings at HWAPakistan.

Ramadan Package Appeal

Ramadan Package Appeal

Divers ant Pursuits for Masses Amelioration by HWA Human Welfare Association is a renowned and popular welfare trust which rendering its non-demanding services to the poverty strike and needy masses. Three worthy institutes are also busy in offering the best of their...

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Encamping Regimen of Variant Medical Genre by HWA

Encamping Regimen of Variant Medical Genre by HWA

Under the supervision of a renowned welfare Trust Human Welfare Association, Qamar Din Free Dispensary has been implementing on the program of free medical camp in varied medical categories while considering medical needs of the masses of respective area enlisting...

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