1. Different suggestions have been given regarding maintenance of school building.
  2. Much emphasis has also been given on making a well-equipped and well-maintained computer lab.
  3. A thought has also been given to get whole school building white-washed properly.
  4. To remove the lacking of proper light in class rooms, the intention of providing LED light and energy savers and repairing window panes has also been considered to save student from cold weather.
  5. All members have agreed on this factual need that maintenance of healthy and pure diet
    should be done for students’ physical and mental growth.
  6. Moreover, in academic scenario, the importance and worth of teachers cannot be denied
    that’s why their issues have also been given considerance and all worthy guests gave their
    agreement on teachers’ salary increment so that all teachers would perform their noble
    duty with complete attention without being stressed over any financial issues.