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Fruition of Academic & Non collegiate Activities by HWA.

Since the re-opening of schools from the month of September 2020, a scheduled and divisible system of classes has been arranged under strict implementation of SOP’s during this traumatic phase of COVID-19. Moreover, a list of curricular and extra-curricular activities has been arranged for academic progression, which is enlisted below.
1. Starting from cleanliness, it makes sure that whole school including classrooms, hall, assembly ground, computer & science lab, library and washroom have been thoroughly sanitized with germicidal sprays.
2. Usage of infrared thermometer, mask and sanitizer has been ensured among students and faculty members as well.
3. As per the recommended preventive measures and SOP’s by Ministry of Education, school has arranged the proper screening of students and teachers along with strict implementation of maintaining 3-6 feet distance among students.
4. Each class has been divided into two groups categorized as Group A and Group B, containing the manageable number of students under the acute execution of SOP’s. Group A of each class will attend school for 3 days a week i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Likewise Group B of each class will be allowed to attend the school for remaining reciprocal days i.e. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Under this devised division, school management makes sure that each student must have 3-4 feet distance among them.
5. All teachers are following the smart syllabus for all classes issued by education department for completion of this academic session.
6. Distinctive and individual focus is being given to Board classes i.e. 9th & 10th while arranging unpaid extra classes for them dividing reciprocal days for each subject.
7. In addition to that, a precisely and explicitly organized PTM has been arranged to make parents aware of the academic progress of their children and also for their guidance towards their children’s educational needs & duties.
8. Extra-curricular activities are also being given equal significance in this very institution along with curriculum as ROSHNI MODEL HIGH SCHOOL arranged a small program regarding EID MILAD-UN-NABI. The division of this program was based on three sections categorized as Recitation, Naat-eRasool Maqbool صلى الله عليه وسلم and a precisely detailed lecture on Uswa-eHusna (PBUH) was delivered by our respected and learned teacher & make students aware of the arduously lawless and impeccable life of our last beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم and also advised them to trace the footprints of his radiant personality and make their lives worth-living and enable them to be the part of marathon of life as per Sunnah.

Thus, ROSHNI MODEL HIGH SCHOOL has been ensuring the bright future of its pupils for last two decades and will continue this in future as well “اءاللهѧѧѧѧѧѧѧѧѧش ان ” so that the students being the future of Pakistan could get education with healthy body and sound mind and prove themselves a mile-stone in the constructive stride of their country in such traumatic & pandemic phenomenon too.


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