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Pursuance of Pre & Post Framework of School’s Academic Pursuits by HUMAN WELFARE ASSOCIATION

Pakistan’s Ministry of Education has declared the re-opening of schools from the month of September 2020 with scheduled and divisible system of classes under strict implementation of SOP’s after a long period of six months while noticing a prominent convalescence in COVID-19.

At first stage, Matric classes have been started from 15th September with properly announced schedule while secondary classes including 6th, 7th and 8th started from 23rd September. The renowned institute, Roshni Model High School for Girls, solely implemented on all instructions and preventive measures devised by Education Ministry during the lockdown in COVID-19.

Since ROSHNI MODEL HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS is located in a remote area of Tajpura Pind, that’s why the pupil of this institute belong to destitute and educationally deprived families, resultantly they are unable to use and get benefit from the novelty and advancement of technologies such as internet and smart phones. While keeping parents’ inability in consideration, composed and free of cost syllabi have been distributed among pupils as a replacement of online classes. All the faculty members have created WhatsApp group with students of their classes, respectively for providing them with updates about educational activities via calls and SMS.

Moreover, whole school including classrooms, hall, assembly ground, lab, library and washrooms have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and this practice continues on daily basis as well. Along with sanitizer, germicidal sprays and infrared thermometer have also been arranged prior school opening. All pupils have been shortly awarded of all preventive measures and SOP’s through phone calls. Wearing of mask has been ensured for students, teaching and non-teaching staff while entering the school. In addition, the institute has also provided the masks to staff and students and this noble deed is continued to the present.

As per the recommended preventive measures and SOP’s by Ministry of Education, school has arranged the proper screening of students and teachers along with the strict implementation of maintaining 3-6 feet distance among students.

Following the instructions and commands of Education Ministry, each class has been divided into two groups categorized as group A and group B, containing the manageable number of students under the acute execution of SOP’s. Group A of each class will attend school for 3 days a weak i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Likewise group B of each class will be allowed to attend the school for remaining reciprocal days i.e. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Under this devised division, the school management makes sure that each student must have 3-4 feet distance among them.

All teachers are following the smart syllabus issued by education department for teaching purposes. Moreover, in this critical and traumatic situation, they are playing their part as a constructive guide and facilitator and trying their optimum to erase the pessimistic views and thoughts from pupil’s minds. Meanwhile, also enabling them to be the part of marathon of life.

At third stage, the planning of starting primary classes from 30th September is under process which includes all major aspects as taking preventive measures, maintaining recommended distance. Usage of germicidal spray for cleaning purpose etc. for making our staff and pupil’s health protected.

Lastly, accurate and uncompromising application of framed SOP’s has been acutely ensured so that the students being the future of Pakistan could get education with healthy body and sound mind and prove themselves a milestone in the constructive stride of their country.



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